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Your body’s only agenda is your greatest aliveness.

Your body is just an animal, love. Her only agenda is your greatest aliveness.
If you’re doing something to hold yourself back from that, she’s going to let you know.
If you are not currently in right relationship with your body, I want to get you there.

Your sensitivity is your superpower.

Here I am.

I’m a guide on the path (your path, the one that leads you home to yourself).

I am an ally for your body. I stand fully for her wisdom. I believe you have everything you need to heal and transform your life within you.

I’m here to listen.

To listen to you. To listen to your body. To create the dialogue between the two of you that’s necessary for any relationship to thrive.

Where there is conflict, I create harmony. We’ll talk about food. We’ll also talk about love and freedom and dharma and pleasure and desire and living consciously and joy.

I’m glad you’re here. Let’s play.


Let it BE. (Or: why you haven’t yet let it go.)

For two years, I tried to let it go. I knew it wasn’t healthy. I could feel the shadow in it, the parts that were less than my highest self (and definitely the parts that were less than his). And if it’s holding you back, you’re supposed to let it go — all the good spiritual texts tell you that. All the gurus. All the smart and enlightened teachers.

Release it. Leave what’s heavy behind. If it doesn’t serve, let it goooooo. I know this is the way, ultimately.

And sweet Mary Mother of God, did I give it my best shot. I burned that man away in so many rituals. I released him with great intention into oceans,

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