Want weekly-ish musings to inspire you (body, mind and soul)?

As we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you."

Here I am.

I’m a guide on the path (your path, the one that leads you home to yourself).

I am an ally for your soul. I stand fully for her wisdom. I believe you have everything you need to heal and transform your life within you.

I’m here to listen.

To listen to you: ALL of you. To listen to your emotions. To listen to your body.

Where there is conflict, I create harmony.  I search out the patterns keeping you stuck and help you transmute them into freedom. We’ll celebrate your light. We’ll also turn bravely toward your shadow. We’ll talk about love and pain and dharma and pleasure and desire and living consciously and joy.

I’m glad you’re here. Let’s play.


Breathe. Dance. Remember Freedom.

There is much talk of freedom this week. That delights me because if my work in this world is in service of any one thing, it’s F R E E D O M. Freedom from the false things that hold us back, cause us pain, prevent us from loving ourselves and one another.

As my friend and teacher Jody reminded me this morning, “we can stand for freedom, and still feel wildly unfree.” One year ago, I was neck-deep in that experience. With a post-surgery knee and an oft-broken heart and a life that was messy and chaotic and uncertain, I felt… stuck. Trapped, even. Like my circumstances had me in a choke hold, even as I wriggled for freedom with all of my might.

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