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I am a Healer & Soul Guide

The distilled version of my story is this: I was raised in Georgia, steeped in tradition, trained in the appropriate. Head cheerleader, debutante (literally), the whole deal. All the while hiding under the surface a vast inner world, an emotional landscape I felt was so much more cavernous than anyone else’s, better to keep it hidden. Better to let it surface only in my journals and my conversations with the trees.

I blamed my problems on my body (when she was only trying to tell me this shit wasn’t working) and gave most of my attention to my eating disorder.

Nevertheless, I was top of my high school class, graduated from college early, climbed the corporate ladder, married a steadfast knight in shining armor young-ish, expecting him to save me. He couldn’t. That wasn’t his job (duh).

I got pretty sick; my body finally gave me no option but to pay attention. Serendipitously, the universe sent me a holistic health coach. And then everything began to shift. Totally hooked on the feeling of my body roaring back to life, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I began to hear my soul’s voice again. Ever so tentatively, I waded into the waters of being a coach myself. (“I can always throw in the towel if I hate it,” I said.) But the work pulled me forward, and has never stopped pulling.

It keeps unfolding and I keep learning. I follow the breadcrumbs and throw myself into incorporating whatever tools feel most potent. I’ve been immersed in the studies of: gut health, hormonal balancing, the conscious feminine, relationship dynamics, energy work & breathwork (just to name a few). As I grow, my practice evolves. What you see here is the current iteration. Don’t blink; you might miss it.

I guess this is what they mean by “a calling.”

It’s all part of walking my own labyrinth, ever closer to the center of me. Along the way, I’ve tossed aside the masks and uncovered plenty of truths. I’m up for any evolutionary adventure, no matter how out there. I’m pretty witchy (more Hermione, less Melisandre). I get very clear messages from animals. I experience a thin veil between the realms and hang out with spirit beings on the regular. I’m also really human and love beautiful shoes, red wine and ridiculous YouTube videos.

I’m a guide. With flashlight in hand, I’m made to cross the rocky terrain first and then offer my findings and fresh wisdom to those who need it. I’m a hand-holder, a soul-tracker, a cheerleader and a lover with a capital L.

I want to live in a world where we love ourselves for who we are: body & soul, light & shadow, pain & brilliance,  human & spirit. I stand in total devotion to your aliveness. And to mine, too.

Welcome to my playground.


Your body's breakdown is
an invitation to breakthrough.
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