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Our breath is our most basic exchange with life. Breathe in: receive. Breathe out: offer up. To deepen your relationship with your breath is to deepen your relationship with your LIFE.

What is breathwork?

Quite simply breathwork — also called pranayama in yogic traditions — is the practice of harnessing and controlling the breath. This meditative technique produces physiological, emotional and energetic shifts in the body. It is an active form of self-healing.

There are many different types of breathwork, each with different gifts & outcomes. I work with a specific breath pattern that supports emotional release.

Why breathwork?

It has the capacity to ground the nervous system, drop you below the level of the mind and move unseen things stored deeply in your energetic being.

It is a devotion. A practice. A commitment. When you engage in breathwork, you’re not relying on anyone else to “save” you. You’re coming deeply into contact with your own Being, your own power. You’re showing up with a courageous heart, knowing that you can handle seeing & feeling whatever exists within you.

What does it look like?

You may access old memories. You may access grief. You may find profound exhilaration and deeper freedom and calm than you’ve felt in ages. Often, you’ll feel all of this over the course of one session.

One-on-one sessions can be conducted virtually (via Zoom video conferencing) or in person in Oakland, California. We will start the session by talking about what is present in your life and what you’re intending to shift. After I introduce you to the simple three-part breath pattern, you will lay down to breathe as I guide you, then rest in stillness. We complete the session with discussion of what came up for you and give space for anything you’d like to process out loud.


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