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  • It is not an exaggeration to say that meeting Ginny was the doorway to a new life.

    When I started working with Ginny, I was at a pretty low point (which I didn’t have the courage to admit to myself at the time). I had gained weight for the first time in my life and had started to hate my body, instead of properly dealing with the stressors I was facing. I was a bored, uninspired, anxious wreck who had come to accept the idea that adulthood was not supposed to be anything other than mediocre.

    Ginny has helped me with everything from my health to my anxiety to relationships in my life that had gone awry… you name it. Working with Ginny gave me the courage to take several big risks in my marriage and my career that have ultimately led to me feeling, for the first time ever, that I’m finally on the right path for myself.”

    Sarah, Seattle WA
  • Ginny has been right where you are. She’s struggled through not loving her body, not honoring her for all she could do. She’s been through all of it, and come out the other side, a shining light. She is a hero for women who want to be 100% in their true radiance.”

    Carolyn Messere, drmessere.com
  • Ginny is a life-changer. You’ll never be the same in the best way possible. I feel lucky every day I get to work with her.

    I came to one of Ginny’s workshops and was attracted to her personality, her knowledge, her enthusiasm– and her overall glow. I literally turned to my boyfriend and said “if what she is teaching can make me glow like THAT, I want in.” There’s something about Ginny that’s so contagious and wonderful.

    At the time, I was always punishing myself around food. I thought I just had to get and stay on that bandwagon to sort myself out. Through my work with Ginny, so much has opened for me–in my work, my spirituality (who even thought I’d say that??), in my relationships and in my life overall. Basically, everything is different and I’m living as my authentic self. I feel so much more in touch with who I am and happier in my everyday life. Ginny has that touch of magic that helps you feel good about you, while constantly pushing you to grow and evolve.

    I love Ginny’s insight–her listening, her reading of the situation, her gentle reminders for me to come back to myself. I love the community she cultivates and the way she pushes us all to be our best and our happiest.

    It’s important for other women to know everything will change. And that sounds super scary and overwhelming–and there will be periods of growth and periods of contraction, but everything will be SO MUCH better. It’s worth all that change.”

    Melissa Thompson, Washington DC
  • When I signed up to work with Ginny, I truly just thought I was figuring out my relationship with food/nutrition. I think that was the gateway drug to all of the goodness that she has to offer. She has opened up my world – to self love, sisterhood, acceptance, and desires. This woman is pure magic.”

    Lisa Parker, Washington DC
  • Basically, Ginny’s a rockstar.

    As a result of the work I did with her years ago, I made some creative personal and professional leaps: a new relationship, a move across the country, the courage to set out in a new professional direction. The work I did with Ginny allowed me a solid foundation to create new healthy habits and tap into my intuition about personal and professional life. I feel more confident, healthy, positive, and present in my relationships as a result.

    If you’ve started thinking about taking a next step to your health, you’ve already made a big commitment to it. Ginny will help you take that commitment to the next level, not just with food, but with your relationship with self and with others.”

    Karen, Newly Minted Californian
  • I love that Ginny is able to tap in immediately to what is going on with my body.

    She has an uncanny ability to feel and decipher messages coming through a person’s energetic, emotional, and physical being, see fully what ails them and lovingly guide them to the medicine they need to heal.

    Know that your body is infinite source of wisdom and guidance. Ginny will meet you where you are and take you to places you wouldn’t even think possible. Be prepared to go on a journey of self-love and discovery.”

    Sirena Bernal, sirenabernal.com
  • Be ready to dive deep because our eating habits usually come from root causes much deeper than simply hunger. Be ready to give up old habits that don’t serve you to make way for ones that do.

    The genius of Ginny’s coaching is that she is a super knowledgeable nutritionist, holistic health expert and a relatable, compassionate, down-to-earth person all wrapped into one beautiful human being (inside and out!). You will feel like you’re in conversation with a trusted friend and be at ease discussing anything and everything that comes up.”

    Lois Wong, loisjwong.com
  • Working with Ginny is magic — her intuition allows her to see right to the heart of any matter.

    I never knew that when I signed up for a cleanse I would end up finding such an incredible guide. I had felt called to start taking better care of my body by learning about nutrition, but that was only the beginning of my journey with Ginny.

    She doesn’t push anything at you, but gently introduces you to new ways of seeing the world and life experiences. Ginny is a teacher of self-discovery, allowing you to unearth your true self and desires. Her sense of humor and willingness to get real about life, including her own, make her down-to-earth and approachable. When you talk to Ginny, you know that she’s listening to you with every cell of her body, and her insights lead to these incredible “aha” moments. After my interactions with Ginny, I feel more free and light but also have a renewed sense of direction.

    Through Ginny, your world will open up in hundreds and thousands of ways. She’ll introduce you to new ideas, new books, new people and new ways of loving your body and your life. You will start to have more questions and bigger dreams, and she’s always there with just the right word or thought to remind you that this work you are doing is exactly where you should be. She will help bring you home to yourself.”

    Jessica Stallings, Washington DC
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