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Not because you deserve the punishment. Because you desire the union.

I’ve been thinking a lot about union today.

I’m wrapping up a giddily fun-filled Labor Day weekend and preparing to shift into cleanse mode. In addition to *leading* my Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure, which begins a week from today, I’m also going to be playing along. Which means I’m transitioning from beers-on-the-boat to green-smoothies-on-the-meditation-cushion.

It’s a gentle but decisive shift from the free-wheeling way I’ve shown up this summer to the way I want to feel in the span of time ahead: clear, grounded, calmly focused. And it’s just what I need.

I’m not doing the cleanse because I suck, or I’ve been so bad, or any of that nonsense I used to tell myself. The bits of me that have shown up this summer have been perfect.  I love my wild and whimsical bits. It’s just that I contain multitudes, to paraphrase Walt Whitman, and there are other corners of me asking for attention. I’ve got work to do, and I strongly desire to find my feet and turn my clarity & creation volume UP.

Which brings me back to union. A state of harmony or agreement. Both/and. I committed to being a student of union this year, and it keeps revealing itself to me in ever more beautiful, nuanced ways.

I used to be pretty bought in — even if just subconsciously so — to the whole either/or paradigm. Either I could be one thing or I could be another, but God forbid there be any inconsistencies or contradictions. I’ve come to understand that’s a completely false construct that creates all sorts of stress. It makes us really judgmental of ourselves and leads us to hide parts away in shame. Integration is where it’s at. Union with self means owning and honoring all that you authentically are. Being the girl who brings the chia seed pudding to the party does not mean I can’t be the life of it (I’m both).

I’m inviting you to join this Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure in that same spirit.

Choose to take care of your body not because you deserve the punishment, but because you desire the union. Committing to fine-tuning the way you eat doesn’t mean you’re giving up any part of who you currently are. It’s about deepening your relationship with your physical self so you can achieve more oneness, inside and outside.

The more we clear the layers necessary to come into harmony with ourselves, the more our outside reality reflects that harmony back to us.

That’s when life gets really good. And that is what my Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure is really all about.

We start next week, and registration closes on Friday. If you want to sign up, here’s where you do it. We’ve got such a great group already committed. It’s going to be sheer transformational magic. I want you in!

And if you want to learn more, Tuesday’s Live Video Workshop / Q&A is your chance. 7:00 PM.  Sign up here, come join the party and bring your questions. I can’t wait to play.

Transitions are way less jarring if they’re intentional. Cheers to finding your flow.


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