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Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure {Fall 2015 Registration}

Summer wanes; fall is on the way. At this moment in the year, I always feel a pull to come in for a landing after the travel and celebration and packed-to-the-gills festivities of the past few months. Renewing my commitment to take care of my physical body is like a living intention to refocus, root down and harness the peak productivity of fall’s energy. I love designating a period of time as the seasons shift to bring my food and self-care game back to the top of the priority list. In today’s health & wellness vernacular, we tend to call these “cleanses.”

A cleanse? What’s the point? Why do we care?

Why are you called to do this hard thing that’s way less fun than just eating all the crap the modern food landscape throws at you?

You have your surface reasons: you think it might make you feel (or, if you’re ACTUALLY being honest, look) better. I’m all for those. But inquire a little deeper. You’ll find a part of you — a very strong, certain part — convinced this will contribute to your soul’s aliveness. Your inner wisdom nudges firmly: “Cleaning up what you eat and how you eat it will serve you. In big ways. Deep, true ways.”

An inner sage + a touch of vanity is a solid and convincing combination.

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a cleanse, but I think many of those available on the market miss the deeper point and therefore fail to be effective long-term. So I designed my own. My cleanse is a space of clearing the debris so you can get a view of what’s really important in your life. It’s a carefully created and intentionally held community of seekers, walking side-by-side upstream toward something better.

It’s not JUST a cleanse.

Sure, we’re cleaning things up on the food front. Significantly. I’ll provide you with clear guidance about what and what not to eat, for 21 days, to boost your body’s natural capacity to eliminate toxins, shed weight you don’t need to be carrying around and increase energy and vitality. But we will also be honoring the layers that exist below — the multi-faceted interactions between your body, mind and soul. We’re shifting things on the surface AND addressing the root-cause beliefs. Here’s how to get in on the action:

Curious? Watch my Video Workshop / Q&A Session

On Tuesday, I hosted this little video chat. We talked through the ways you might be dulling your shine with how and what you eat. I did my best to inspire you to make changes that have the power to shift not just how you look, but how you feel. I also gave you the basics of my Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure and answered some pressing questions. We recorded it for you! Watch here.

Know You’re Ready? Let’s Do This.

Cleanse Dates: Monday, September 14th – Sunday, October 4th

Sign-Up Deadline: Friday, September 11th

Investment: $297

What’s Included:

  • Detailed cleanse guide with day-by-day food & lifestyle instruction, tips & tricks, shopping list and supplement recommendations.
  • Hefty recipe packet with over 100 cleanse-friendly meal options.
  • Group Q&A kickoff conference call on Saturday, September 12th (recorded for those who can’t attend).
  • Juicy daily emails to keep you inspired, offer additional ways to clean up toxins in your life and answer FAQ’s.
  • Guided meditation recordings to deepen your experience.
  • Inclusion in the private Facebook group, where you’ll receive live coaching from me, and LOTS of it. (No worries if Facebook isn’t your thing but, if you’re open to it, this community resource offers great real-time support and camaraderie.)
  • Option to purchase a significantly discounted one-on-one, 45-minute session with me to nail down your lessons learned and strategize a forward-looking plan for your body & soul.

Registration for the fall cleanse has closed.

But… if you want in, email us at info@ginnymuir.com, and I’m sure we can pull some strings.







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