Want weekly-ish musings to inspire you (body, mind and soul)?

This Way, Brave One

You are here to walk with light in your eyes and a skip in your step. Your soul remembers. Something nags at you and won’t leave you alone; something that calls you to look deeper, go a different way, listen to the voice within, climb higher for the chance of a better view. It whispers in your ear, “there’s more for you, you know.” More beauty, more joy, more love, more acceptance, more strength, more transcendence.

Walking the path of YOUR life– that path bringing you continually home to yourself– is a brave endeavor. I’m here to help.

  • Private Coaching.
    Private Coaching is the most intimate way to work with me. It is you and me, hand in hand, leaning in to the messages from your soul. I reserve a limited number of spots for one-on-one work and I select my fellow travelers with great intention. During our journey, I am wholly and completely devoted to you.
  • Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure.
    Three times a year, every year, I lead a group of intrepid journeyers through a 21-Day Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure. It's a crash course in healthy eating, a powerful reset and a game changer. It has the unique ability to get you some dramatic physical results, teach you high-level nutrition and self-care, reboot your relationship to food, identify any food sensitivities you may have AND feel imminently do-able.
  • High-Level Wellness Experience.
    The power of women in supportive community cannot be overstated. We pick each other up, hold each other's hands, have each other's backs and generally, make the journey deeper and more rewarding. A community won't let you quit. A community makes you feel well-resourced. When you're doing something hard, like trying to be the healthiest and highest version of yourself, a community is necessary. In this four-month group coaching experience, we’ll work with food, with energy and with body-mind-soul alignment, and we’ll do it as a tribe.
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