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Not-Just-A-Cleanse Adventure

Live Group Program. January. April. September.

A cleanse? What’s the point? Why do we care?

Why are you called to do this hard thing that’s way less fun than just eating all the crap the modern food landscape throws at you?

It’s because it’s not really just a cleanse. It’s a space of clearing the debris so you can get a view of what’s really important in your life. It’s a carefully created and intentionally held community of seekers, walking side-by-side upstream toward something better.

How we do one thing is how we do everything…

And if you can clean up your food game with deep intention and healthy clarity, it WILL bleed over into the rest of your life. Change your relationship with your body and what you put in it and then just try not to live and love more fully. It’s impossible.

You have your surface reasons for being attracted to this whole cleanse idea. It’s because you think it might make you feel (or, if you’re actually being honest, look) better. But. Underneath is the actual truth: some part of you is certain this process will contribute something bigger. Somehow, some way, cleaning up what you eat and how you eat it will shift you.

I’m here to tell you: your inner wisdom is SO onto something.

Done right, a cleanse knocks down all KINDS of barriers to your happiness. Because if your body is a cluttered mess you can’t hear the voice of your intuition. (And when it comes to what actually makes you joyful, your intuition is where it’s at.)

So, in this process, we’ll clean you up from the inside out. We’ll get you off the sugar and the processed junk, flood your body with nutrients, reset your digestion and uncover any food sensitivities you’ve got. We will empower your liver to do what it does best: detoxify your beautiful bod. You will learn to look at (and love) food in a whole new way.

We will also honor the layers that exist below — the multi-faceted interactions between your body, mind and soul. We will shift things on the surface AND address the root-cause beliefs. And it will all be an adventure, because… why not?

Ready to do this?

Here’s what I’ve got for you:

  • Detailed cleanse instruction packet with day-by-day food & lifestyle guidance, tips & tricks, shopping list and supplement recommendations. This cleanse is all food-based (no starving, extreme juicing or craziness).
  • Hefty recipe packet with tons of cleanse-friendly meal options.
  • Group kick-off call to further educate you about what we’re up to and provide all the A’s to your Q’s.
  • Daily email guidance to keep you inspired, offer additional ways to clean up toxins in your life and answer FAQ’s.
  • Guided meditation recordings to deepen your experience.
  • A virtual campground (via Facebook) with a bonfire fueled by camaraderie. You’ll receive live coaching from me – lots of it. (No worries if you’re not a Facebooker but, if you are, this community resource offers great real-time support.)
  • One-on-one discovery session with me to nail down your lessons learned and strategize a forward-looking plan for your body & soul.

OUR NEXT ADVENTURE LAUNCHES APRIL 25, 2016. Registration opens on Friday, April 15th. Click here to register







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