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Private Coaching

Here you are : on your path. Your soul is whispering, “there’s more, you know.” You’re just not sure how to get from here to there. Your body has answers for you, and it is my privilege to lead you through that portal toward your greatest aliveness.

I’m a guide. I teach from the path. I bring everything I’ve got to the table to help you close the gap between the “you” that exists at your deep, true center and the “you” that shows up to the world. Aligning your life with your true desire. The body is our gateway.

Private Coaching is the most intimate way to work with me. You should know: I’m a relentless vision holder and I don’t half-ass anything. I reserve a limited number of spots for one-on-one work and I select my fellow travelers with great intention. During our journey, I am wholly and completely devoted to you.

I suspect you have found me because something is just not working for you when it comes to your body, so we start there. (Closing the energy leak that is your chronic body dissatisfaction has an incredibly profound way of getting you unstuck.)

Our five-month journey unfolds like this:

We uncover your dreams and get crystal-clear about your intentions. (If you don’t know where you’re headed, I’ll pull it out of you.) Week after week, we take sure-footed, lighthearted steps home to you. We unravel the eating habits, patterns and behaviors that have you stuck. We take apart the way you’re eating now and put it back together so it works ideally for your unique body. (No two bodies are the same; we’ve got to experiment to find your sweet spot.) No matter how screwed up your food story feels at this moment, you’ll change it. (My guarantee: it won’t feel like torture.) We’ll figure things out that have eluded you before. You’ll heal. You’ll shift. You’ll taste freedom. Along the way, we’ll begin to hear the messages from your heart and soul with every-increasing clarity. Together, we’ll lean in and listen. We tweak what else needs tweaking, from your hormones to your calendar to your relationships to the beliefs you hold deeply at your energetic core.

You’ll look up, startled, and realize just how far you’ve come.

Sound like something you want?


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